Free Food drives

Across the country, RVGS volunteers coordinate local food drives to help their neighbors in need. Volunteers join hands to both prepare and distribute nutritious meals to the homeless and the under-privileged. Our food drives span more than 21 cities across 9 States and have helped feed thousands. For those living with food insecurity and without regular access to affordable, nutritious fresh food, our food drives are not only a critical supply of food, but also fosters a stronger sense of community and social responsibility.
Often working in partnership with local food banks,and local businesses, like Whole Foods, Costco, Dunkin Donuts and many others, our members also collect and distribute food items that would normally be thrown away. Billions of pounds of safe, healthy & nutritious food is thrown away each year in America. In difficult economic times, such waste is unnecessary and our “Seva” intitiative partners with churches and other philanthropic organizations to meet the needs of the growing population of hungry Americans.

Free Medical camps

We setup a collaboration with the States of New Jersey, New York, California and Washington to provide Free Cancer Screening and Free Cancer Treatment for the un-insured and under-insured people in our society. We focus on detecting and treating Breast, Colon, Cervical and Colo-rectal Cancers at our Free Medical Camps. Our US based Medical Camps & Health Fairs bring doctors, specialists and volunteers together so that skilled medical care may be accessible to all those in need. We empower physicians and specialists to donate their expertise & partner with other health organizations to reach out to local communities throughout the US. Some of our key medical care initiatives include blood donation drives, medical fairs and educational seminars.

Often conducted in partnership with other non-profit organizations like the Miracle Foundation and the American Red Cross, these highly successful health campaigns are bringing much needed relief to individuals and entire communities who cannot afford adequate health care or pay for insurance.
We have brought medical assistance and education to various under-resourced populations through ongoing medical fairs in the states of Washington, California, Georgia and New Jersey, with more states planned for the upcoming years. By bringing free healthcare to their doorstep, RVGS volunteers ensure that patients are served compassionately and no one is left to suffer needlessly. The medical teams treat primary health conditions and dispense free medicines to care for both acute and chronic disease. When additional assistance is needed, patients are given referrals to the appropriate government, private or public facilities that provide free or subsidized services, and provisions are made for proper follow up and case management.