Today, a global threat marketplace collaborates and innovates to attack our organizations 24/7. It’s time to think like a bad guy. We will work with industry experts to take the fight to adversaries before they attack. We can help you predict and disrupt threats, manage risk and compliance, and extend your own security team. Security services at the enterprise level: Security can be summed up into three big challenges: increasing regulations, complex threats and increased business requirements. We will work with leading leaders in this field to develop a comprehensive approach to have you covered: we go full steam to disrupt adversaries, manage your risk, and extend your capabilities. This strengthens your security posture to minimize incidence impact and control costs while expanding insight for better decisions.

How will we achieve this?

Be proactive: In an open and collaborative world, reactive security isn’t enough. The threats and vulnerabilities come too quickly. It takes a preemptive posture, one that gets ahead of security risks that will influence organizational objectives and manages them to reduce complexity and harden your defenses. That’s where our Security Consultants can help. We can work to improve your security processes and operations at every step with the right services for your needs—advisory and assessment, architecture, implementation, assurance and testing. Our work spanning across data centers through the cloud across hybrid infrastructures and on any device, positions us the unique ability to offer the industry expertise and skills you need to secure your infrastructure—end to end, vendor agnostic, and aligned to your industry.

Protect your data and privacy: Our employees may be one of the biggest security threats, accidentally (or intentionally) leaking sensitive data as they share past your endpoints in the cloud and on mobile devices. We can help you reduce that risk through content-aware data loss prevention that filters and blocks information from leaving your enterprise

Network security and infrastructure: We are now aware that we need an firm-wide security strategy. But where do we start? Our Infrastructure Security Consultants work with you to create a flexible and easily scalable security infrastructure that helps safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your vital corporate data that is vendor agnostic Response to incidents With increasingly open and collaborative environments, it is inevitable that a breach will happen. You need to be ready to identify issues, fix problems, and plan for future attacks. We will evaluate industry’s leading security Intelligence and Incident Response tools to help you establish an optimal end-to- end approach to breach management.

Risk Management Consulting AND Security Strategy

We need to understand the risk of threats that are becoming more and more sophisticated, and we have to be sure that we have the controls in place to deal with them—especially when the risk extends to your suppliers. We will take a vendor neutral approach, evaluate the pros and cons of each approach and advise you on the best course of action.